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Question by Curious George: How do Danish people feel about latinos/latin americans?
I’ve noticed how popular Latino/Danish mixed girls are around the world. Models like Helena Christensen and Freja Beha Erichsen.

But I’ve heard that Danish people are racist? But maybe it’s more against Islam than “brown people”?

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Answer by Voelven
You shouldn’t believe all you hear. Danes pay very little attention to skin-colour or what people look like (I know, I am mixed an grew up in Denmark). A Dane would be utterly shocked and disgusted to be asked about his race or asked about someone’s race. We don’t use words like race. A person is not black or white. Instead he is maybe from say Kenya or Norway.

The majority of Danes are not racist, but yes…there are unfortunately some anti-muslim sentiments, which are unfortunate. There is definitely a culture clash there, which has not been helped by the religious terror groups on one hand, and the provocation of Danish newspapers and cartoonist on the other hand. Also the ignorance and prejudice on both sides are alive an thriving.

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